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SAMCO Series Multifunctional Controller (MFC)

MFC realizes a basic function of SAMCO-Vm05, a general-purpose inverter. Through this device, winding control, speed control, position control and other functions can be implemented.

1. Winding System:
Winding of wire, cloth and paper can be performed with various methods. With the winding function of MFC, no special controller, torque motor or any other special equipment is needed. This winding function brings in a cost effective and reliable winding system.
As shown in Figure 1, all inverters connected by MFC can realize winding control function with relevant parameters being set.
Winding equipment in drawbench
Winding equipment for paper, cloth and plastic film with friction roller method
Wire twist machine
Main features
Can be controlled by general-purpose motors or inverters.
Unique winding curve (time-rotation speed curve).
Smooth rolling can be achieved by use of offset function of spring sensor.
Can control tension.
Tension sensing can be performed via displacement sensing.

(2)Corresponding Types of Inverters
MFC in SAMCO Series

Master (output side) inverter
Slave (rolling side) inverter
Necessary condition
SAMCO-I Series (below 55K) [1]
SAMCO-M Series
Perform winding control by installing D/A output option in Master I connecting to MFC
SAMCO-I Series (below 55K) [2]
SAMCO-I Series
Perform rolling control by installing D/A output option in Master I connecting to MFC
SAMCO-Vm05 Series
SAMCO-M Series
Perform winding control only by connecting to MFC
SAMCO-Vm05 Series
SAMCO-I Series
Perform winding control only by connecting to MFC

[1]: For master inverters (output side) of above 75KW in SAMCO-I series are equipped with analog output terminals (AOUT terminals), D/A output options are not needed; however, for inverters of below 55KW in SAMCO-I series, options IDI or IRU with analog signal output function are needed.
In the above combinations 1~4, the rolling control is performed with MFC.
[2]: At rolling side where SAMCO-Vm05 series is used, the winding control function can be implemented even with MFC.
2.Speed Control and Position Control System:
SB-PG feedback board (optional) can be installed in MFC to form a high precision and fast response close loop speed control system and to perform position control and zero speed servo control.

3.Standard Specifications
Rated input voltage
Allowable input voltage fluctuation
Allowable frequency fluctuation
47~440Hz (rated frequency 50/60Hz)
Input current (rated input/output condition)
Ambient temperature
Storage temperature
-20~+65 [1]
Ambient humidity
90% or less
Operating environment
Indoor at 1,000m or lower altitude (no direct sunlight, corrosive or inflammable gases, oil mist or dust)
Input signals
Frequency command, forward run command, reverse run command, jogging selection, rolling control reset command, rolling methods selection command, [8ch arbitrary allocation]
Output signals
Alarm contact
Alarm batch (1C contact, AC250V, 0.3A)
Monitor signal
Open-collector output [3ch arbitrary allocation]
LED display
Frequency, rolling time, operating, alarm
External power supply output
DC24V 150mA (control terminal)
[1] This temperature is for short periods, such as during transportation.
4. External Dimensions
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